AI Penetration Testing and the Future of DevSecOps

As organizations strive to stay ahead of cyber threats, the integration of cutting-edge technology poses a challenge for security leaders. Traditional security measures often result in a reactive “whack-a-mole” approach, struggling to keep up with evolving attack methods.

As teams align DevSecOps workflows to drive security maturity – the role of AI penetration testing  service has come into the spotlight like never before. As the emergence of AI is now exemplified by ChatGPT, Baird, and other publicly available AI tools, a global conversation has emerged about its potential impact on our daily lives and work.

As technology advances, it’s critical to understand why and how cybercriminals, pen testers, and hackers are leveraging AI to achieve their objectives.

In his thought-provoking article, AI Penetration Testing and the Future of DevSecOps, Seemant Sehgal, CEO and Founder of BreachLock, explores the impact of AI penetration testing in cybersecurity and how it can support the DevSecOps approach. Read on for Sehgal’s insights and learn the potential of AI-enabled penetration testing for IT security leaders and experienced professionals.

What is AI-Enabled Penetration Testing?

AI-enabled penetration testing involves the integration of artificial intelligence and automated pentesting. This innovative approach allows for the automatic scanning of networks and systems to identify vulnerabilities, while AI analyzes the data and uncovers patterns that human testers might overlook. When employed effectively during a pentest, AI can detect emerging risks, vulnerable areas, and attack vectors inherent in the system, leading to more efficient and productive outcomes compared to traditional methods.

When used correctly, AI can serve as a valuable tool for penetration testers and ethical hackers who possess the necessary training and expertise. However, it is crucial to note that not all AI tools available in the market are designed to address every use case or meet third-party compliance and security standards. Just like any new security tool, the implementation of an AI pentesting tool carries potential security risks. Consequently, it is advisable to engage certified professionals with experience in utilizing AI-enabled pentesting solutions.

Sehgal explains how partnering with a reputable pentesting service provider can offer valuable insights into the recommended AI tools for your specific requirements. “Like any new security tool, a new AI pentesting tool could introduce security risks. Therefore, when applying a new technique like AI, it’s best to hire credentialed professionals who have training and experience using AI-enabled pentesting solutions. You can work with a qualified pentesting service provider to explore the AI tools they recommend.”

AI-Enabled Pentesting Is the Future of DevSecOps

By leveraging AI-enabled penetration testing, development teams can identify potential security events early on, mitigating downstream impacts on the Security Operations Center (SOC). With the alignment of DevSecOps workflows, AI-enabled penetration testing has led to faster results that help remediate and improve security outcomes.

“Due to its speed and accuracy… using AI for security testing can assist development engineers and developers supporting the CI/CD pipeline… where they are more costly to patch and put the organization at risk,” notes Seghal.

Further elaborating on how early integrated remediation helps accelerate results, Sehgal continues, “DevSecOps can tap into AI-enabled pentesting to find and fix vulnerabilities that could later cause events, incidents, or worse, an expensive security breach for the SOC to manage.”

Advantages of AI-Enabled Penetration Testing

When combined with trained penetration testers and integrated automated tools, AI-enabled penetration testing offers distinct advantages over manual approaches. Sehgal outlines three key benefits:

    • Faster vulnerability discovery: AI facilitates rapid identification of vulnerabilities, surpassing the speed of traditional methods.
    • Reduced pentest turnaround time: Routine tasks can be automated using AI, freeing up human resources for more complex security assessments.
    • Eliminated false positives: By utilizing AI-validated artifacts and vulnerability scanning, the occurrence of false positives can be minimized, ensuring accurate and actionable findings.
    • Making Informed Decisions: While AI-enabled penetration testing holds promise, Sehgal emphasizes the importance of thorough evaluation and vetting of AI pentest solutions.

“The caveat is how the AI pentest solution is programmed, automated, and applied in proven use cases,” explains Sehgal. “As the public frenzy over AI is increasing the noise, CISOs and CIOs must be aware: not all ‘AI pentests’ today can deliver upon the DevSecOps promise.”

Unproven and untested tools may introduce unnecessary risks and threats. IT Security leaders must treat AI as a powerful capability and ensure its responsible integration into their security strategies. Sehgal cautions, “As a third-party security program would dictate, any AI pentesting solution should be thoroughly reviewed and vetted before being used within an environment… This is especially true with applying AI technology in cybersecurity, where the stakes are extremely high.”

AI-Enabled Pentesting and the Future of DevSecOps

The rise of DevSecOps has elevated the significance of AI-enabled penetration testing. By integrating security testing throughout the development process, organizations can proactively address vulnerabilities. AI-enabled pentesting enables development engineers and developers supporting the CI/CD pipeline to identify and rectify bugs before they reach production environments, reducing costs and potential security breaches. With its agility, AI-enabled pentesting aligns seamlessly with the modern DevSecOps approach.

Key Benefits of AI Pentesting Solutions

To select an effective AI pentesting solution, Sehgal highlights five key benefits:

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

A robust AI-enabled solution includes automated vulnerability scanning, speeding up the identification of security vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Accuracy

AI-powered algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, detecting patterns and anomalies that may elude human analysts.

Reduced False Positives

AI tools reduce false positives by leveraging sophisticated pattern recognition and data analysis techniques.


AI-powered pentesting accommodates large-scale systems and applications, facilitating comprehensive and frequent security assessments.

Improved Remediation

AI algorithms not only identify vulnerabilities but also recommend remediation actions, enhancing the efficiency of security teams.

Harness the Power of DevSecOps with AI-Enabled Penetration Testing

AI-enabled pentesting has emerged as a powerful tool in the fight against cybercrime. Its speed, effectiveness, and security make it a valuable tool for organizations seeking to strengthen their security posture.

BreachLock is the global leader in AI-enabled pentesting combined with manual pentesting conducted by Human Experts. With a comprehensive solution that provides certified expertise, advanced AI technologies, and automation, BreachLock has built a trusted and proven suite of hybrid human-led, AI-enabled pentest services that deliver efficient, effective results every time. By investing in research and development since 2018, BreachLock has pioneered its penetration testing as a service flagship offering to maximize the power of AI, manual, and automated penetration testing.

How does BreachLock integrate AI in pentesting?

Every pentest conducted by BreachLock is human led by a certified, in-house offensive security expert trained to conduct penetration testing in a secure, compliant manner.

Enabled with AI and optimized with automation, BreachLock’s in-house pen testers are freed up from the mundane, manual tasks required (e.g., report writing, artifact collection) to conduct in-depth research, provide correlative analysis, and remove false positives.

This hybrid approach provides efficient and effective vulnerability assessments and final penetration testing reports that are:

      • consistent, accurate, and quality assured
      • meet compliance and security goals

Combined with automated risk discovery and vulnerability identification with integrated remediation, pentesting results are faster, more affordable, and delivered on time and within scope – without the false positives.

See how AI-Enabled Penetration Testing Works

As technology continues to evolve, AI penetration testing presents a transformative opportunity for IT security leaders and professionals. By harnessing the power of AI within the DevSecOps approach, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture, identify vulnerabilities early on, and respond swiftly to emerging risks. BreachLock stands at the forefront of AI-enabled pentesting solutions, delivering efficient and cost-effective results.

To explore how BreachLock can empower your organization’s security journey with Human-led, AI-enabled penetration testing, schedule a discovery call today.

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