Respond to Vendor Security Assessments with confidence

Why do you need to conduct a vendor assessment for third party security?

Organizations establish third party security and governance policies to ensure vendors do not introduce unnecessary third party security risks. A company with these requirements may request a new or existing vendor or supplier conduct a vendor assessment to certify their organization’s security posture.

Whether you want to gain a new client or work with a new partner, you can demonstrate your company is secure and meets third party security requirements with a certified vendor assessment conducted by BreachLock.

How does the BreachLock Vendor Security Assessment work?

The objective of the vendor assessment is to conduct third party security testing to identify vulnerabilities and/or security gaps in all areas of organization. We’ll test mobile and web applications, APIs, external and internal networks, cloud environments, IoT, and more.

When you successfully complete the vendor assessment, you’ll receive a certificate of attestation and third party security report to share with your partners and clients.


Manual Penetration Testing

Automated scanners are great for identifying vulnerabilities, but a vendor assessment depends on humans to replicate the attacker mindset when looking at your IT assets. Automated tools do produce quick results but are not exhaustive. A human tester executes manual test cases involving custom tools, scripts, exploits, etc. These efforts should result in the discovery of security gaps that would otherwise be missed. BreachLock™ makes use of both automated and manual testing to ensure you get the best results and can remediate vulnerabilities and meet third party security requirements.


Automated vulnerability scanning for Third Party Security

Besides manual testing, BreachLock™ also has artificial intelligence aided network and web scanning capabilities to accelerate discovery of vulnerabilities for the vendor assessment. Our web scanner targets and finds common vulnerabilities which affect web applications: SQL injection, XSS, OS Command Injection, Directory Traversal, and web server configuration issues – just to name a few. Our network security scanning capabilities include continuous network mapping and vulnerability discovery to discover any third party security risks that require remediation.


Vendor Security Assessment Methodology

The methodology behind the BreachLock vendor security assessment establishes the standards for success in your third party security vendor assessment. Our certified, in-house security professionals bring a deep bench of experience and skill to evaluate IT security risks. We follow OWASP and OSSTMM standards for our vendor assessments. Our vendor assessment reports include an explanation of our assessment process and methodology. In this way, your clients and business partners will have the confidence when you successfully demonstrate you’ve met their third party security requirements with BreachLock.


Vendor Assessment Report and Third Party Security Certificate

Once you have completed the vendor assessment with BreachLock™, you’ll receive a vendor assessment report in PDF format that demonstrates you’ve been successfully tested for third party security compliance. To further share the results of your vendor assessment, BreachLock offers a third party security certificate that you can use to share, along with your final report, to gain customers, build partnerships, and prepare for audit-readiness. The BreachLock reporting format is aligned to the OWASP standard and methodology and is cleanly organized to map to other frameworks as needed.

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