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SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls 2) is a widely recognized compliance framework and auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It is designed to assess the controls and security measures that service organizations have in place to protect customer data and ensure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of that data. BreachLock offers SOC 2 certification and reports downloadable from our Platform. These are often requested by customers, partners, and stakeholders to evaluate the security and privacy practices of a service organization.

Two types of AICPA SOC 2 attestation reports are SOC 2 Type I and Type II.

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SOC 2 Type I

Point-in-time security control testing to identify the effectiveness of the controls and whether they are appropriate.

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SOC 2 Type II

Ongoing or regular security control testing over a period of 12-months to determine the effectiveness of the controls and ensure they fulfill the requirements of AICPA's Trust Services Criteria. SOC 2 Type II testing is more comprehensive and valuable to assess your organization's long-term commitment and strategy regarding proactive security measures.

SOC 2 defines criteria for managing customer data based on five “trust service principles”—Security, Availability, Processing, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

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Unlike PCI DSS, which has very rigid requirements, SOC 2 reports are unique to each organization. In line with specific business practices, each designs its own controls to comply with one or more of the trust principles. These internal reports provide you (along with regulators, business partners, suppliers, and vendors) with important data to comply with SOC 2 data privacy and management requirements.

While penetration testing can be valuable for any organization, it is not required to achieve or attain SOC 2 compliance. However, auditors often recommend pentesting assessments to augment the audit and fulfill certain items in Trust Services Criteria and monitoring activities:

COSO Principle 16

"The entity selects, develops, and performs ongoing and/or separate evaluations to ascertain whether the components of internal control are present and functioning."

CC4.1 Focus Point

"Management uses a variety of different types of ongoing and separate evaluations, including penetration testing, independent certifications made against established specifications (for example, ISO certifications), and internal audit assessments."

BreachLock automated penetration testing is an ideal tool that can be used to assess the security of your network infrastructure to validate the effectiveness of your security controls and overall security posture of your organization.

Our automated penetration testing can help identify and validate vulnerabilities in real-time and prioritize those at highest risk for mitigation. BreachLock offers a more advanced and nuanced approach to continuous security testing, providing deeper and more enriched AI-powered contextual insights around the most exploitable points of interest by an attacker.

Here's how BreachLock automated penetration testing can help you achieve SOC 2 compliance:


SOC 2 includes a requirement to perform regular penetration testing to assess the security of systems and applications. This testing aims to simulate real-world attacks and assess an organization`s ability to detect and respond to security threats.


BreachLock penetration testing typically covers various areas, including network infrastructure, web applications, APIs, and other systems that store or process customer data. It helps ensure that security controls are effective and up to date.

Vulnerability Identification

BreachLock penetration testers attempt to identify vulnerabilities, such as misconfigured security settings, software vulnerabilities, or weak authentication mechanisms for validation, prioritization, and remediation.

Prioritization and Remediation

After the penetration testing is completed, the BreachLock Platform will prioritize those assets and associated vulnerabilities that are at highest risk by providing remediation recommendations to strengthen security controls and meet SOC 2 requirements.

Reporting and Certification

BreachLock offers industry vetted SOC 2 compliance reports and certifications acceptable by SOC 2 auditors and regulators, all downloadable directly within our Platform.

Ongoing Testing

SOC 2 compliance is not a one-time event. Penetration testing should be conducted regularly to ensure that security controls remain effective and that new vulnerabilities are promptly addressed.

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