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CREST is an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body representing the global cyber security industry. It is dedicated to promoting high standards of professionalism and competence among cyber security service providers and individuals who perform penetration testing and other security assessments.

CREST provides industry-recognized certification and accreditation to organizations and professionals involved in penetration testing and other security services.

As a CREST certified member, BreachLock has gone through a rigorous quality assurance process and employs competent and fully-certified penetration testing experts.

1. Standardization

CREST sets standardized criteria and methodologies for penetration testing, which ensures that testing is conducted consistently and effectively. This standardization is important because it helps organizations understand what to expect from a CREST-certified provider.

2. Quality Assurance

CREST certification validates the skills and expertise of cybersecurity professionals and organizations. It assures clients that the testing services they receive meet high-quality standards and are performed by competent and ethical testers.

3. Trust and Confidence

CREST-certified organizations and individuals gain trust and confidence in the cybersecurity industry. This trust is crucial for clients who need assurance that their systems and data are in capable hands during penetration testing.

4. Compliance

CREST certification and accreditation align with various regulatory and compliance requirements, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, and others. Organizations can use CREST certifications as evidence of their commitment to security compliance.

CREST Certified Tester (CCT)

BreachLock pentesters are CREST-certified experts and CREST has validated their skills and knowledge in various aspects of penetration testing, including technical and non-technical skills.

CREST Certified Service Provider (CCSP)

BreachLock is CREST accredited and certified to offer penetration testing and other security services. This means we ensure that our penetration testing services are conducted professionally, ethically, and follow established methodologies to assess and strengthen your organization’s security posture to meet global compliance regulations.

Our penetration testing can help identify and validate vulnerabilities in real-time and prioritize those at highest risk for mitigation. BreachLock offers a more advanced and nuanced approach to continuous security testing, providing deeper and more enriched AI-powered contextual insights around the most exploitable points of interest by an attacker.

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