Leaders who have walked a mile in our client`s shoes. BreachLock`s leadership team is uniquely equipped with a rare combination of experience and a hacker`s mindset. Our leaders bring decades of boardroom experience from Fortune 500 companies and the world`s largest banks to the table, arming them with unique insight into what cyber security leaders are up against. The BreachLock leadership team is committed to helping organizations overcome the same challenges that they faced when they walked in our customer`s shoes.

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Ann Chesbrough

Vice President, Product Marketing

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Vishal Verma

Vice President, Pentesting Solutions

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Vijay Venkataraman

Vice President, Finance & Legal

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Shravan Kumar Konthalapally

Director of engineering

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Nasir Memon

Vice Dean Cyber Security
New York University

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Rob Bening

Ex CISO ING and Seasoned

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Chris Dines

Informed Funding

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Marielle Nigg-Droog


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