API Penetration Testing

Fast, comprehensive, and scalable API pentesting for compliance and security resilience.

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API Pentesting from a Hacker’s Perspective

Modernize API Pentesting

APIs play an integral role in digital transformation, yet APIs pose critical security risks when not developed or maintained properly. As compliance requirements and security standards evolve – maximize your ROI and reach your goals on time with guidance for DevOps remediation integrated within the lifecycle of each API penetration test.

See What the Adversary Sees

Managing and remediating risk from evolving threats in APIs is now faster, simpler, and more scalable than ever. Find and fix vulnerabilities in APIs with manual, AI, and automated security testing using one powerful hybrid penetration testing platform. BreachLock’s certified in-house experts work with you to remediate API vulnerabilities fast while you gain critical insight into the adversary's perspective.

On-Demand Testing for API Security

Get the testing you need to validate API security when you need it with BreachLock. From vendor assessments to security compliance testing, BreachLock can help you meet your requirements in half the time and at half the cost of other API security testing providers. On-demand API penetration testing capabilities give you unparalleled visibility and speed that your modern digital environment requires.


The BreachLock API Pentesting Advantage

Maximum Accuracy from Certified, In-House API Penetration Testers

False positives are behind you. BreachLock’s CREST, OSCP, OSCE, GSNA, CEH, & CISSP certified security experts do a customized, manual deep dive on your APIs to validate automated findings and save DevOps time by removing all false positives. Our comprehensive API pentesting reports give you the quality assurance you need to meet security and compliance requirements and complete third-party assessments seamlessly.

Fast Results Delivery and Remediation Timeline

Start your API pentest within 24 hours and receive evidence-backed, audit-ready, actionable reports within 7-10 business days. We give detailed, prioritized, context-rich explanations for each vulnerability and give you 1:1 support from your dedicated project manager from your secure customer portal.

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Fair and Transparent Pricing from Start to Finish

Being charged by the hour by your API penetration testing provider isn’t fair to you – if the outcome isn’t changing, why should the price tag change? API pentesting costs 50% less with BreachLock’s hybrid PTaaS methodology compared to traditional API penetration testing providers. We even include a free manual re-test and unlimited automated re-tests with every API application pentesting engagement.

Scalable to Integrate with Your Current Tech Stack and Tools

Test your entire tech stack along with your APIs and applications with results delivered to you in a single-pane dashboard. Remediate faster and smarter than ever with automated DevOps workflows that integrate with the tools you know and love – Jira, Slack, and Trello.


When to Run an API Pen Test

Experience the power of BreachLock’s expert-led API pentesting solution to meet your compliance and third-party security requirements. BreachLock uniquely enables DevOps teams to remediate risk quickly and early-on with unmatched, detailed guidance for each vulnerability discovered in your APIs.

BreachLock API Pentesting Use Cases


Security Compliance (SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS)


Third-Party Security Requirements


Vendor Assessments


Initial Web or Mobile App Releases


Major Product Updates and Releases


General Attack Surface Visibility & Management

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BreachLock’s API Penetration Testing Experts Discover Risks Like:


Excessive Data Exposure


Broken User Authentication


Broken Object-Level Authorization


Broken Function-Level Authorization


Information Leakage


Lack of Resources and Rate Limiting


Mass Assignment


Security Misconfiguration




Improper Assets Management


Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

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Start Your API Pentesting Services

Preparing for API pentesting is simple - we’ll ask you for these details to determine the scope of your API pentesting exercise.


Number of API Endpoints


API Documentation (e.g. Open API 2.0, Open API 3.0, Postman, API Token)


Launch on-demand vulnerability scans, remediate risk, and get audit-ready reports 50% faster and at 50% of the cost of traditional API pentesting.


Release new applications on time with confidence that your organization and customers’ data is safe and sound.


Export multi-version reports with varying levels of detail for audit-readiness with an instant export button from your customer dashboard.

Tools Used for API Pentesting

Our certified expert pentesters leverage the industry’s best tools to do a human-led, technology augmented deep dive during API pentesting engagements. They meticulously search for vulnerabilities according to OWASP standards and your unique requirements.


BreachLock® Pen Test Automation Engine




Swagger UI






Custom Scripts

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

  • Receive Onboarding Instructions

  • Access BreachLock SaaS Portal

  • Finalize API Penetration Testing timeline, testing window, & special requirements for both Android app pentesting and iOS app pentesting

  • Hybrid Manual, AI, & Automated API pentesting Techniques Initiated

  • Automated findings validated by experts

  • Manual Deep-Dive API Penetration Testing by Human Testers with Customized Business Logic Applied

  • Results Consolidated into BreachLock Platform & Multi-Format Reports with Evidence & Recommendations within 5-10 business days

  • Prioritize remediation easily with severity sorting and filtering

  • Follow detailed, evidence-based recommendations to remediate each vulnerability

  • Track your progress by launching unlimited automated re-tests with one click on fully automated findings

  • 1:1 support from Security Experts directly from portal

  • When finished remediating, schedule your manual re-test directly from BreachLock’s PtaaS portal

  • Receive Updated API Penetration Testing Report

  • Receive Security Certificate & Badges

  • Optional Automated Scans included for 12 months

Full-Stack Pentest Results Consolidated into One Cloud Platform

BreachLock’s award-winning PTaaS Platform is carefully engineered to give you a high-level, holistic view of your full attack surface in one place with automated workflow integrations that help your DevOps team maximize operational efficiency.


Prioritize DevOps Remediation in Seconds

Digging through findings in reports with little context and guidance is time consuming and redundant – prioritize vulnerability patching by risk that BreachLock determines by referencing industry standards (e.g., OWASP, NIST, etc.) and potential business impact.


Minimize PenTesting Overhead

Maintaining a bunch of best-in-breed security tools restricts bandwidth, which quickly adds to TCO, especially with the increasing scarcity of technical talent. Consolidating all penetration testing exercises with one provider like BreachLock can prevent unnecessary increases in TCO, especially when Jira, Slack, and Trello are included and don’t require additional training hours.


Run Unlimited Automated Retests

We understand how important a clean penetration testing report is for our customers to meet compliance and security regulations, so BreachLock includes a free manual re-test with every penetration test to validate your fixes. Launch unlimited automated re-tests on any automated findings with a single click to validate your patches before the manual retest with confidence that you’ve improved your security posture.


Access 1:1 Remediation Guidance and Customer Support

Penetration testing engagements should never leave you with confusion or unanswered questions - you should never be left in the dark, especially throughout remediation. Get access to 1:1 support from your assigned customer success professional from start to finish.

DevOps-Ready Workflow Integrations with Jira, Slack, and Trello

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API Penetration Testing for Compliance Done Seamlessly

BreachLock has your API pentesting requirements covered for SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 27001. With the BreachLock advantage, the timeline for meeting your security compliance and security validation goals is rapidly accelerated with our swift API penetration testing set-up and execution period.


Start your pentest in 24 hours.


Get initial report in 7-10 days with detailed remediation guidance for your APIs.


Remediate critical vulnerabilities with clear prioritization and guidance.


Test remediation patches by launching unlimited on-demand automated scans from the BreachLock PtaaS portal.


Access remediation guidance and customer support from a dedicated expert.


Schedule and launch final hybrid re-test.


Report confidently on your security posture with multi-version, comprehensive reports.


Export audit-ready reports with evidence with one click.

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How Does BreachLock’s API Pentesting Leverage the OWASP API Top 10?

BreachLock's certified security experts leverage OWASP API Security Project guidance throughout every API penetration testing exercise to help them identify well-know, exploitable vulnerabilities in addition to the more challenging, context-driven threats within your APIs.

The OWASP API Top 10 list ranks the most common critical risk vulnerabilities found in APIs. It’s important to stay informed about the OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities from the early stages of development to the maturity to uphold best practices with the use of APIs for rapid development and innovation.

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Capture Results and Resiliency with API Penetration Testing from BreachLock

For your comprehensive API Penetration testing goals and requirements, choose BreachLock for efficiency, effectiveness, and integrated remediation guidance to accelerate your pentesting results like never before. BreachLock’s compliant, comprehensive PTaaS solution is ready when you are.

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