IoT Penetration Testing

BreachLock IoT penetration testing assesses the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems that are interconnected over the internet or local networks to identify and mitigate security weaknesses to enhance the overall security posture of your IoT ecosystem.


IoT Device Pentesting

BreachLock IoT device penetration testing identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities in individual IoT devices that collect and exchange data via the internet.

IoT Wireless Network Pentesting

BreachLock IoT wireless network pentesting assesses the security of wireless networks used by IoT devices typically connected to the internet or other networks via wireless technology like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular networks to identify and mitigate risks.

IoT Mobile Applications Pentesting

Given that IoT devices are often managed via mobile apps, BreachLock mobile penetration testing for iOS and Android devices assesses the security of these applications to pinpoint vulnerabilities that might result in unauthorized IoT devices access or control.

IoT Web Applications Pentesting

BreachLock IoT web app pentesting simulates attacks to assess the security of web applications serving as interfaces that allow users to interact with and remotely control IoT devices that are part of your IoT ecosystem.

IoT Cloud Pentesting

BreachLock IoT cloud penetration testing identifies and mitigates risk in both the IoT devices and the cloud-based platforms or services that manage and process the data generated by these devices. This includes communication channels in the IoT ecosystem, such as cloud servers, databases, APIs, and authentication mechanisms associated with IoT devices.

IoT Reverse Engineering Pentesting

BreachLock IoT reverse engineering pentesting involves evaluating the security of IoT devices and systems by analyzing their software, firmware, hardware, and communication protocols.

What is Reverse Engineering for IoT?

Reverse engineering in IoT entails dissecting device code and functionality to grasp their operation, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and employing methods like disassembly, decompilation, and analysis of firmware, binaries, and communication protocols.

IoT Supply Chain Pentesting

BreachLock IoT supply chain pentesting assesses the security of IoT devices and systems within your supply chain, from production through distribution. Our pentesters will identify vulnerabilities in the IoT devices, software, and infrastructure used in the supply chain, to prevent potential security breaches, data leaks, or disruptions in your supply chain operations.

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