DevOps Penetration

BreachLock DevOps penetration testing supports your Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) by ensuring that the software you develop is inherently secure and resilient to cyber threats by fostering automated collaboration between your development and operations teams.


BreachLock SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) penetration testing involves assessing the security of an application or software product at various stages of its development lifecycle.

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Secure Code Repository Pentesting

In DevOps, integrating source code repositories with CI/CD pipelines underscores the importance of secure code repository penetration testing. BreachLock identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities to ensure the secure tracking of code changes.

Secure Code Review Pentesting

BreachLock secure code review penetration testing analyzes the source code of an application to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.  Both secure code repositories and secure code review contribute to a comprehensive approach to software security.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

BreachLock DAST is a black box pentesting method with a running instance of an application. To identify vulnerabilities various inputs are sent and responses are analyzed typically later in the software development lifecycle, after an applications is deployed and running in a testing or production environment.

Setting up team workflows is important to remediating security risks fast. Your team’s workflow integrations are the keys to accelerating security validation and compliance-ready results you need for your final reports. Triaging remediation actions with DevOps is seamless using BreachLock’s API integrations for ticketing and communication in Jira, Slack, Okta, and Trello.

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