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BreachLock™ Is An Award-Winning Penetration Testing Service Provider

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Penetration Testing Services

We execute comprehensive penetration testing, retest your fixes and provide a 3rd party security certification

Web Application Penetration Testing

Your web applications will be manually tested by our team for OWASP and business logic security flaws.

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PCI DSS Compliance

We have a specific focus on compliance. We will guide you in both terms of scoping and execution of the PCI DSS penetration Test.


Network Penetration Testing

Your external and internal networks will be manually tested by our team. We conduct hundreds of penetration tests month after month.


3RD Party Penetration Testing

Your B2B partners will request you to choose an independent and trustworthy partner with a proven track record to certify your security posture.


Cloud Penetration Testing Services

We specialize in cloud technologies plus testing of AWS, GCP and Azure infrastructure and SaaS applications.


Social Engineering

Unlike out of the box mass phishing testing solutions, BreachLock™ deploys a custom approach to check your spear phishing exposure.


Experienced and certified team

BreachLock™ manual penetration testing gives you unlimited access to our world class team of security researchers. Our team has over 100+ CVE’s to their credit and are publicly acknowledged by Fortune 500 companies for finding security flaws via published responsible disclosure programs. Our team is comprised of security professionals with decades of security experience and global certifications such as CREST, OSCP, OSCE, CEH, CISA, CISM, SANS and many more.

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Industry standard methodology

Our manual penetration testing is aligned to OWASP and OSSTMM testing methodology. As the whole penetration testing process is facilitated via the BreachLock™ cloud platform, this guarantees all projects get a standard quality assurance level and all clients get a consistent experience with high-quality results.

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BreachLock™ Penetration Testing Methodology Explained in 4 Steps

Onboarding clients onto our SaaS

Before we begin testing, BreachLock™ along with your company will determine the full scope that will be tested. Clear and open discussion with the customer is integral at this step. All communication is facilitated via our SaaS portal which enforces our methodical approach and promotes collaboration between teams. At this stage, we determine the companies’ infrastructure such as domains, servers, and other devices with IP addresses. We then determine if any should be excluded and why. Once we have a list of all of the devices to be tested we can then define the testing duration.

Executing Penetration Testing

We begin to attack vulnerabilities and known weak spots with your web application. We perform this step with the utmost care in order to protect both the web app and your data. We repeat the penetration process using both manual processes and automated tools. We use many methods such as those prescribed in OWASP methodology. Utilizing our SaaS, we are able to scan your systems in order to find the vulnerabilities that are putting your data at risk. The results of this phase are recorded in PDF and online reports that are made available to you within our SaaS portal.

Remediation of Vulnerabilities

The BreachLock™ team collects and compiles all of the obtained information and provides the customer with an exhaustive report. We also include comprehensive recommendations to aid business leaders as well as the IT team in order to make logical decisions regarding web application security. We provide a list of each vulnerability, including how we tested and how we recommend resolving the risk. At this stage, we provide specific technical details using which the IT team can act quickly. Our online ticketing system can be used to ask any questions to BreachLock™ security researchers.

Retest for Validation of Fixes

After both the business leaders and the IT team are able to read the report and act during the remediation process, we will retest to determine the effectiveness of findings resolution. We will rerun our penetration test on the web application. As a result of the retest, you can download an updated report from within our SaaS portal. This report will either show a clean build or a patched vs not patched status for each finding. If all vulnerabilities are solved we will also issue you a security certificate valid for 12 months.

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Don't wait. Proactively find the Vulnerabilities in your Applications and Network with BreachLock™

Manual Penetration Testing executed by OSCP, OSCE, CEH, and SANS certified team.

Find security gaps and run a retest to make sure your patches are deployed and also get updated reports.

Quickest turnaround time, online support and scheduling capabilities for all clients via the BreachLock™ SaaS platform

BreachLock™ is a Cloud Platform that enables you to run automated scans, request manual testing and retests with just a click.

Meet security best practices and regulatory requirements for SOC2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and more.

Benefit from our monthly automated scans augmented with manual vulnerability validation checks.

How BreachLock uses Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Human Hackers?

Human Hackers

Our platform is supported by certified hackers that dicover new hacking techniques and continuously enrich our Artificial Intelligence based checks. BreachLock human hackers focus on discovering complex security vulnerabilities that cannot be discovered by machines.

Cloud Computing

BreachLock SaaS runs on cloud resources which guarantees that we are able to scale our resources as required and provide a highly secured service to our clients. This ensures we provide the most cost-efficient vulnerability management alternative available today.

Artificial Intelligence

BreachLock has developed a reliable attack testing automation framework that augments Artificial Intelligence to reduce human effort required to discover, validate and identify common security flaws.

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