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BreachLock is a rapidly growing remote-first global leader in Penetration Testing as a Service. Our team of motivated & passionate individuals are making strides in the Cybersecurity industry, and we’re always looking for new BreachLockers to join us. If you want to truly make an impact in your career, join us on our journey of making cyberspace a safer place.

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From the moment we were founded in 2019 forward, we committed to our mission to make cyberspace a safer place with a vision of a world where organizations always reign supreme over cybercriminals. We never stray from our goal by letting our core values guide us along the way, building a better future for the cyber community at large.

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What You See is What You Get

Transparency builds trust which is a cornerstone of success with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

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If everyone does their part, no one needs to do someone else’s part

Accountability ensures ownership and builds a positive, efficient, and performance-driven culture where our team can count on one another to do their part. We believe in maintaining a synergistic environment that thrives on accountability.

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The bedrock on which innovation stands

You Find Water when you Dig in a Place Deep Enough. The challenges we face and the successes we celebrate drive us to keep pushing to the next level of success and shape us into stronger, wiser, more efficient individuals.

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Celebration Failure

Every failure is a golden nugget

We encourage people not to hide failures, but rather to leverage them to create learning opportunities for others. Fostering an environment where our team is comfortable with making mistakes fuels innovation.


Ability to
Work Remote


We’re a remote-first company that fosters collaboration by enabling BreachLockers with the tools and support they need to achieve success from anywhere.




People feel their best when they have time to rest, family, and fun, which is why we encourage BreachLockers to take time to reset and refresh.




Our outstanding leadership team consistently provides opportunities for growth to BreachLockers by introducing exciting projects and sharing lessons from knowledge and experiences as guidance.


Positive & Fun
Working Environment


Both digitally and face-to-face, BreachLock has established a fun & exciting culture that our global team thrives in. From team outings to workshops and conferences, there are always opportunities to bond within the team.

BreachLock is a disruptive player in the offensive security. Checkout some of our coolest press mentions to get an idea about our ambition vision and the team that is on a mission to make Cyberspace safe.

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Christopher Clark

Director of Sales

“Working at BreachLock has been the best experience in my professional career thus far/ Being able to take part in this awesome culture and making sure our clients are secure is simply amazing. On top of everything, leadership has proven to me time and time again that they care about individual growth. Since starting at BreachLock as an Account Executive.”

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Megan Charrois

Marketing Executive

“As a person who craves career excitement and needs variety of responsibilities to help me stay engaged, I couldn't have chosen a better place to work than BreachLock. It's awesome to be surrounded by like-minded people and consistently feel like I'm better for being here. I can honestly say that the leadership at BreachLock goes above and beyond to foster their employee's personal.”

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Don Davis

Penetration Tester

“Working at BreachLock is like solving the world’s most challenging puzzle every day; we never stop learning and growing. I have never felt closer to a team and as passionate about what I do. When I realized their vision for the future and how it aligned with what I wanted to achieve, I just knew it was a match.”


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