Network Penetration

Network penetration testing services are delivered using the BreachLock PTaaS model and includes internal, external, host-based, and thick client networks.


Internal Network Pentesting

BreachLock internal network penetration testing identifies and prioritizes security weaknesses, strengthens security controls, and enhances your overall security posture within your organization’s internal network infrastructure.

External Network Pentesting

BreachLock external network penetration testing will conduct real-world attacks against your organizations network security, uncovering vulnerabilities that external attackers might exploit to gain unauthorized access or compromise systems.

Host-based Network Pentesting

BreachLock host-based network penetration testing targets individual hosts (computers, servers, workstations) in their operating systems, applications, and configurations that attackers could exploit.

Thick Client Network Pentesting

BreachLock thick client network penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in the security of thick client applications and the underlying network infrastructure, including databases, files, and other components within the network where client computers (end-user devices) often operate autonomously but interact with a central server or cloud-based services as needed.

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