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16 October, 2019

Why BreachLock Pen Testing as a Service Is Best for SaaS

BreachLock™ is a modern cloud security platform that covers your end-to-end security testing needs with a click. Our SaaS platform empowers you to scale your security testing efforts as your technology footprint grows. 

Figure 1: BreachLock Platform Highlights

On-demand access to automated scanning and manual testing ensures you have a single pane view into your application and network security posture. Built by industry leaders, our cloud platform enables you to find and fix your next cyber breach before it happens.  


BreachLock Cloud Platform in Action

    • BreachLock Login Assistant 

Our Chrome Login Assistance Plugin ensures that you do not need to add your assets manually. It streamlines the asset addition and authentication processes by recording login credentials and session cookies when you are logged in on the cloud platform. 

Figure 2: BreachLock Login Assistant


      • A saas-based platform for all your security testing needs 

    Our SaaS platform empowers you to scale your security testing efforts as your technology footprint grows. On-demand access to automated scanning and manual testing ensures you have a single pane view into your application and network security posture.  

    Figure 3: BreachLock Dashboard for Penetration Testing


      • Scale your security testing along with your IT 

    Cloud environments are very dynamic and demand tremendous efforts from your IT Team. With every new change that you push to your application, you open a potential gap in your security that may let a hacker in. However, by using BreachLock, you can test each change with a click for both your applications and networks.  

    Figure 4: BreachLock Dashboard for Web Scanning


      • Demonstrate security to business partners 

    It’s a common practice for business partners to send you Vendor Assessment forms before closing a deal. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning are the two most common requirements. We have exhaustive experience in this area, therefore, ensuring you can respond with complete confidence. 

    Figure 5: Vulnerability Management on BreachLock

    • Test your fixes with a click 

    After you have fixed the findings, you can request a retest. The retest can involve both manual and automated checks. As and when additional support is required to understand the findings, you can always reach out to our security experts by creating a ticket linked to one or more findings.

    Figure 6: Testing Fixes on BreachLock


    BreachLock Cloud Platform Advantages 
    Unlimited scans with a single click

    • BreachLock Cloud Platform has a “Run Live” button for on-demand scans
    • Re-test and verify every vulnerability
    • One-time payment to eliminate trade-offs between security and costs

    Easy to use SaaS platform

    • Cloud-based platform requiring no additional hardware or software for setup
    • Elimination of configuration and management concerns
    • No specific training required for your personnel to use the cloud platform

    Flexible and Customizable Reports

    • Business-class reporting of scan results and penetration tests
    • Detailed analysis of vulnerabilities along with their IDs, CVE number, and CVSS score

    Minimum False Positives

    • The combined power of man, machine, and the cloud
    • AI-based rule processing inbuilt in the cloud platform

    Jira Integration

    • Easily track vulnerabilities and bugs and manage them in real-time
    • Integration with your CI/CD or DevOps environment

    Production Safe

    • No performance impact due to scans and penetration tests
    • State-changing requests, sensitive functionality, and web application inputs are analyzed for customized safety-first testing
    • Assured data integrity and no performance degradations

    HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliance

    • Penetration testing service exceeds the requirements of standards and laws such as HIPAA and PCI DSS
    • Business logic testing and contextual understanding of client environment

    2-Factor Authentication

    • Inbuilt Google Authenticator for 2-factor authentication
    • An increased layer of security for clients’ accounts

    Unlimited Access to our Certified Security Researchers

    • Inbuilt Ticket Support functionality for our clients
    • No limit on the number of tickets raised by a client
    • Experienced and Certified Security Researchers quickly respond to the tickets

    OWASP Top 10 and OSSTMM

    • OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities are covered on the cloud platform
    • A testing methodology based on Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)

    BreachLock Trust Badge

    • BreachLock badge can be added after fixes are verified
    • Let your clients know that your website is under continuous monitoring


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