BreachLock Cyber Security Validation

Significantly reduce the effort required to identify what assets to test and create a starting point for testing based on actual risk.

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Cyber Security Validation embeds highly automated, repeatable, and predictable security testing features into one platform to ensure comprehensive solutions and greater testing accuracy across your entire ecosystem's defenses and incident response capabilities.

ASM has now become the linchpin of cyber security validation creating a starting point for testing by identifying exposed assets and their most critical attacker entry points. This is a monumental change as it ultimately reduces the effort required to identify what assets to test based on knowing your organization’s actual risk.

The BreachLock Cyber Security Validation and Exposure Management solution set offers human-delivered, AI-powered, and automated testing for Attack Surface Management (ASM), Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), and Automated Pentesting and Red Teaming integrated into the BreachLock Platform.

The Linchpin of Cyber Security Validation

With BreachLock , we offer expanded ASM capabilities across both your internal and external attack surface providing a starting point for our PTaaS and Automated Pentesting and Red Teaming solutions based on knowing your actual risk. BreachLock ASM enables accelerated risk prioritization of exposed assets and their most critical attacker entry points to significantly improve your cyber resiliency.


Attack Surface

Elevate Your Penetration Testing Results

Organizations are turning to PTaaS to deal with their expanding internal and external attack surfaces due to increased workloads, accelerated use of the public cloud, and expansion of public-facing digital assets. Using ASM as the starting point for PTaaS to establish actual risk enables faster scheduling and execution of penetration testing and accelerates prioritization and remediation for more effective outcomes.


Penetration Testing
as a Service (PTaaS)

Accelerate Security Readiness

Automated Pentesting and Red Teaming is relatively new as these types of activities have been limited to a few use cases, and heavily based on scattered toolsets and custom tools from various vendors operating the activity. BreachLock works with forward-thinking enterprises who want to go beyond compliance requirements and are looking for a more highly advanced set of security testing tools. With BreachLock Automated Pentesting and Red Teaming, we test your entire ecosystem's defenses to assess and validate exposures against a mature security offense.


Pentesting and Red

With BreachLock Cyber Security Validation, we offer human-delivered, AI-powered, and automated solutions integrated into one seamless platform. By expanding ASM capabilities combined with PTaaS and RTaaS, we can provide an actual starting point to elevate the priority of testing results based on actual risk.

Time Savings &


Contextual Insights


Security Posture

BreachLock ASM creates a starting point prior to testing based on actual risk discovery and exposure of the most critical attacker entry points. This saves time, resources, and operational costs.
One standardized built-in framework that delivers enhanced predictability, consistency, and accuracy across your entire attack surface. This ensures more accurate and consistent test results over time in which to measure baseline and benchmarks.
The BreachLock Platform with AI-powered, machine-based technology can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time to identify complex patterns and anomalies within the most exploitable points of interest by an attacker to accelerate the remediation of potential security threats.
By using BreachLock ASM as a starting point for PTaaS and/or RTaaS services, you gain unprecedented visibility into the end-to-end attack path of a potential breach.
BreachLock Cyber Security Validation and Exposure Management practices can more effectively prioritize and remediate risk against a mature security offense to harden your defenses and fortify cyber resiliency.
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