BreachLock Technology

With BreachLock’s automated algorithms and supervised NLP-based AI models, identify and prioritize vulnerability patterns and anomalies impossible to detect solely with manual methods. Predict an exploit before it happens.


BreachLock has been conducting continuous security testing for over five years now, performing thousands of penetration tests. Through this extensive experience, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge of potential attack paths, as well as Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) tailored to diverse technology stacks and contexts. Aligned with industry standards, our automated algorithms and supervised NLP-based AI models help to refine BreachLock's proprietary Pen Testing framework. Integrated seamlessly into the BreachLock Platform, our framework serves as a safeguard for precision and quality for pentesting, automating routine tasks like report formatting, proof of concept integration, and consistency in vulnerability identification.

Our target billable hours are only for the identification of complex security flaws during pentesting. This ensures you are not charged for automating mundane tasks, making our pentesting services more cost-effective so you receive optimal value and return on investment (ROI).

Make faster, more accurate and scalable decisions. We put security control back into the hands of you and your security team.

BreachLock Technology delivers:

  • Expansive threat intelligence
  • Wide-ranging patterns and anomalies
  • Known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Extensive uncovered exploits
  • Continuous attack mapping of TTPs, patterns, and attack methods

Exploitability Prediction


Our technology can analyze vast amounts of data to identify vulnerability patterns and anomalies that can predict a potential exploit, including known and unknown threats, malware, phishing attempts, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Enhance Accuracy


By automating routine security tasks and the decision-making process, our NLP-based AI models can reduce the likelihood of human error of your continuous security testing process.

Multiply Scale and Speed


Multiply not only the scale, but the speed of vulnerability identification. Based on the interpretation of large data sets, historical data, and thousands of evidence-based tests, we uncover patterns impossible to detect solely with manual methods.

Achieve Greater Scalability


Our Platform can handle large-scale data analyses and security tasks for large enterprises. Based on thousands of POC samples from testing, true or false positives are categorized in real-time, enabling greater scalability to reduce your attack surface.

Improve Incident Response


When seconds matter, we can provide real-time information and actionable intelligence about security breaches to improve incident response time and help security teams prioritize and allocate resources more effectively -- during and after an attack.

Enrich Contextual Insights


The BreachLock NLP-based AI models offer a more advanced and nuanced approach for providing deeper and more enriched contextual insights around the most exploitable points of interest by an attacker.

Security Analytics


BreachLock’s automated algorithms and supervised NLP-based AI models parse our own real-time logs and other textual data to extract valuable information to find unique attack paths, TTPs, and vulnerability descriptions enhancing TI and the response of your SIEM.

Industry Peer Benchmarking


Gauge your security posture against industry peers. Through extensive experience and accumulated knowledge of unique attack paths and TTPs, data intelligence will help to set measurable and consistent benchmarks to improve your security posture over time.

Adaptive Security


BreachLock can adapt security measures in real-time based on a changing threat landscape. Through our automated algorithms and supervised NLP-based AI models, we continuously monitor your growing internal and external threat landscape and map for matches across your entire attack surface.

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