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RATA Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Comprehensive Application Security Scans

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RATA Web Application Vulnerability Scanner by BreachLock

RATA (Reliable Attack Testing Automation) Web Application Vulnerability Scanner is the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Human Hacker powered automated web vulnerability scanner. RATA Web is an online vulnerability scanner for websites and requires no security expertise, hardware or software installation. With just a few clicks you can launch scans for vulnerabilities and get a report on the findings that includes recommendations for potential solutions. Some of the benefits you get include:

PDF Reports

Professional PDF repots with all required details

Online Reports

Browse vulnerabilities online

Integration with JIRA

Push your vulnerabilities into CI/CD tools

Developer Friendly

Includes scanner output for you developers

Fast and Accurate scans

Scans give real-time results minus the false positives

Authenticated Scans

Possibility to run authenticated scans for complex applications

Support from Human Hackers

Online FAQs and support from BreachLock security researchers

Flat Pricing for Unlimited Scans

Run scheduled or live scans with a few clicks

What vulnerabilities can RATA Web Application Vulnerability Scanner find?

RATA Web vulnerability scans cover up to 1000+ vulnerabilities in both known and unknown categories. The RATA Web Application Vulnerability Scanner implies Dynamic Application Security Testing Techniques to profile, crawl and dynamically find security gaps in your web applications. These checks cover and go beyond OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities, a default industry standard for web application security testing. Download our sample report to get a deeper insight in our coverage, reporting format and quality. Our inbuilt scanning profiles ensure your web applications get accurately scanned. RATA web includes scan profiles for any custom web application including WordPress and Joomla.

How RATA Web Application Vulnerability Scan works?

  • Register for a trial or request a demo
  • Add and verify domain ownership
  • Your web application gets scanned for 1000+ vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10, API and cloud specific vulnerabilities
  • Download detailed PDF reports or browse online reports
  • Request online support from our hackers, remediate and retest vulnerabilities

How does BreachLock uses Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Human Hackers?

Human Hackers

Our platform is supported by certified hackers that discover new hacking techniques and continuously enrich our Artificial Intelligence based checks. BreachLock human hackers focus on discovering complex security vulnerabilities that cannot be discovered by machines.

Cloud Computing

BreachLock SaaS runs on cloud resources which ensures that we are able to scale our resources as required and provide a highly secured service to our clients. This ensures we provide the most cost-efficient vulnerability management alternative available today.

Artificial Intelligence

Breachlock has developed a reliable attack testing automation framework that augments Artificial Intelligence that reduces human effort required to discover, validate and expose common security flaws

What is BreachLock Cloud Platform?

The BreachLock cloud platform is powered by Artificial intelligence, cloud and human Hackers. It is the only platform you will ever need to address your security testing and vulnerability management needs. It offers the following capabilities that can be ordered on demand if and when you need them:

Manual Penetration Testing

  • External Network Pen Testing
  • Internal Network Pen Testing
  • Web Application Pen Testing
  • Mobile Application Pen Testing
  • IoT technologies
  • Cloud Penetration Testing

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

  • External Network vulnerability scans
  • Internal Network vulnerability scans
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scan
  • PCI DSS Compliant ASV Scanning

RED Teaming

  • Threat Landscape Assessment
  • Phishing Exposure Assessment
  • RED Team Assessment