Social Engineering

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Do you need Social Engineering Penetration Testing for your organization?

People are your biggest defense. Security awareness training and testing is a “must have.”
BreachLock™ has a unique approach that combines an open source threat intelligence initiative with a custom phishing exposure assessment. From a hacker’s perspective, our team drills down into darknet, hacker forums, and publically available information sources to create a report that documents your exposure without actively launching an attack. You receive the OSINT report and this intelligence is used to craft a spear phishing campaign towards your employees which leads to another report with vital statistical analysis. Using the combination, you can train your employees and improve your cyber defense against emerging threats.
Your organization will benefit greatly from our “Unique” and effective methodology by getting a top-down view of your Threat Landscape.
Discover your Data Leaks

We research publically available open source intelligence and captures instances that may leak vital information to hackers. This information is presented in a report that can be used by your executive team to formulate policies and awareness campaigns.

Discover past exposure and compromise

Your employees' personal emails and passwords may have been compromised in a recent hack. This may impact your organization as the same passwords may be used to access critical resources. Our report includes that research and more.

Execute custom spear phishing campaigns

We carefully analyze the OSINT gathered in the first step and formulate a spear phishing scenario that is relevant to the target audience. The campaign is launched in a coordinated manner and each interaction with the user is captured minutely.

Comprehensive reports

Our reports contain visual evidence of exposures found during the OSINT assessment. This ensures that you get sufficient input for an effective security awareness campaign. The Phishing Exposure assessment report captures vital statistics such as emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked on and includes User names and emails that resulted in a compromise.