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16 Aug, 2019

Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist 

Most of the web applications are public-facing websites of businesses, and they are a lucrative target for the attackers. Hence, it..

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12 Aug, 2019

Web Application Security Common Misconceptions

Businesses, irrespective of their industry, are now deploying web applications to deliver their products and services efficiently. When a web..

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27 Jul, 2019


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25 Jul, 2019

Agile Methodology In Security Testing

Development teams work extensively on ensuring that the application being developed has minimum time to market (TTM) possible. While at..

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22 Jul, 2019

Vulnerability Scanning And Penetration Testing For SOC 2 [Infographic]

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22 Jul, 2019

Penetration Testing And The GDPR [Infographic]

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20 Jul, 2019

BreachLock Guide on NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation

The level of threat posed to IT systems by attackers with malicious intent (or independent criminal actors), nation–states, and terrorist..

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16 Jul, 2019

Importance of Black Box Penetration Testing in Application Security

Organizations invest in many security-related exercises to ensure that its technical infrastructure is secure and protected. One such exercise is..

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13 Jul, 2019

Benefits of Automated Penetration Testing

Automated penetration testing plays an important role in a security analyst’s arsenal. As part of an organization’s overall security strategy,..

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12 Jul, 2019

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing For HIPAA [Infographic]

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