Red Teaming as a Service (RTaaS)

Gain your adversary’s point-of-view with advanced, expert-led Red Teaming.

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Get the Red Team Testing Expertise You Need Now

Shouldering the responsibility of keeping an entire organization secure is not for the faint of heart – especially when any system, employee, user, or vendor could become a hacker’s one-way ticket to access even your most protected data.

With RTaaS from BreachLock, you get a deep bench of experienced offensive security practitioners with red team expertise to maximize your engagement’s outcomes, versus hiring and retaining expensive, in-demand offensive security professionals, to achieve your red teaming goals at the same time.

Red Teaming as a Service (RTaaS) from BreachLock delivers critical insights that you and your security team can use to truly understand your entire ecosystem from an adversary’s perspective. Uplevel your in-house blue team’s experience with expert guidance for DevOps remediation to strengthen cyber resilience and meet your security objectives faster and efficiently.

Red Teaming Benefits with BreachLock

Remediate vulnerabilities, security gaps, and operational deficiencies fast with expert-led red teaming as a service (RTaaS).

Extend your internal testing capabilities with BreachLock’s certified red team hackers to meet your precision red team testing requirements at scale.

Schedule expert-led, precision red teaming on your timeline to support your goals.

Measure performance outcomes with remediation guidance and reporting that engages and enhances your overall security outcomes.

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What is Red Teaming?

Red teaming is a highly technical, offensive security exercise intended to test the limits of an organization’s incident response capabilities at the deepest level imaginable.

Since Red Teaming is both objective-oriented and dependent on examining and reporting on both digital and non-digital components of an entire ecosystem, it’s a job that only the industry’s most highly skilled security experts can do and is time-consuming by nature.

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What is RTaaS?

Coined by Gartner Research, RTaaS is a strategic investment that companies can make to augment their offensive security strategy with red teaming exercises.

These red team exercises take the form of traditional red team vs. blue team exercises – but instead of the red team being staffed with internal staff, the red team is augmented by the RTaaS provider.

Red Team and Pen Testing Services with One Trusted Provider

The threat landscape is constantly evolving - and seconds can mean the difference between a full-on breach and a contained security event. System-focused penetration testing for security and compliance is critical – but there comes a time when testing at only one point-in-time isn’t enough. A continuous, repeatable strategy is needed to ensure that risks are managed, and preventable breaches are stopped before they occur.

Your security risk management strategy can now include a testing method that helps you know exactly where your weaknesses are so you can fully enable cyber resilience across your organization and teams.

RTaaS helps you test your entire ecosystem inside and out to ensure that you'll never have to determine your weaknesses alone and will always have a deep understanding of your attack surface.

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Top Red Teaming Experts that you can Trust

Attracting and retaining top, qualified security talent is something you take very seriously to keep your organization safe from threat actors – and BreachLock does, too. Our Red Teaming experts are highly skilled and armed with the industry’s most sought-after certifications (e.g. OSCP, OSCE, CREST, CISSP, CEH, GSNA). The level of quality assurance that we offer our customers is something we’re proud of, because your deserve the best-in-class when it comes to bringing in outside talent to augment your internal security team. BreachLock’s expert red teamers are trustworthy and ready to help you take your security maturity to the next level.


How RTaaS Helps Extend Your Security Team

If you’re part of the 70% of organizations facing cybersecurity talent shortages, you know that attracting and retaining qualified talent for mission-critical roles can feel like a constant battle.

A recent study conducted in 2022 revealed there are 410,695 unfilled cybersecurity roles in the U.S. Qualified cybersecurity FTEs are expensive to attract and retain due to the competitiveness in the labor market. Working with a company like BreachLock to augment the abilities of the skilled internal team you’ve placed your trust in is a simple solution to combat the workforce gap challenges you’re facing. At BreachLock, we understand how much you appreciate and value your internal security team, and we prioritize working in harmony with them to deliver you the most accurate insights possible.

Source: 2022 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study
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Red Teaming from Leaders Who Have Been in Your Shoes

BreachLock’s very existence stems from the challenges our founder and CEO, Seemant Sehgal, faced during his 18+ years of cybersecurity experience and his time as Head of Global Red Teaming at one of the world’s largest banks. Holding a multi-million-dollar cybersecurity budget exposed him to the shortcomings of the Red Teaming and penetration testing solutions that were available at the time and ignited his passion to solve the problems he was experiencing with a solution of his own.

To summarize the pitfalls that Sehgal took note of as a buyer in an oversaturated market, he realized that there were four core problems at the root of every solution. They lacked accuracy, agility, cost-effectiveness and scalability.

His peers were spending millions on Red Teaming and pentesting engagements every year, but they were still being hacked. Sehgal noticed a handful of inconsistencies between the simulated attacks he paid for and real-world attacks - one being that when a real-world attack takes place, real cybercriminals aren’t handed a visitor badge and a coffee at the office before exploiting your systems. Something had to change, and he’s dedicated his life’s work to creating a solution that solves those four challenges so that you don’t have to, and more importantly, making cyberspace safe.

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Red Teaming Experts Delivering You Actionable Insights

RTaaS from BreachLock delivers in-depth insights alongside your internal security team for your entire ecosystem:

Patch weaknesses and prepare your team for incident response and detection that hackers won't stand a chance against.

Take action on unparalleled insights from Red Teaming exercises that give you the edge against cyber adversaries that today's evolving threat landscape requires.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re taking proactive steps to keep your organization safe and out of the latest breach news headlines.

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Your Red Teaming Journey from Start to Finish

BreachLock’s Red Teaming as a Service engagements begin with the end in mind, which is to help you truly understand your threat landscape, build cyber resiliency, and formulate an actionable plan to get you to the next stage of security maturity.

A Red teaming exercise with BreachLock is executed in four phases. As we progress through the phases of your tailor-made red teaming exercise, our security experts zero on your ecosystem to deliver you a clear understanding of your entire threat landscape, incident response capabilities, and a clear path to security maturity.

Before the execution of your red teaming exercise begins, we take the time to understand your business, the scope of your ecosystem, and your desired outcome from the engagement. Once your objectives and goals are classified, all parties will be prepared for the red teaming engagement to begin.

The execution phase of a Red Teaming Exercise with BreachLock is conducted in four phases of its own.

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Red Teaming Executed in 4 Phases

Phase 1

Identify your Threat Landscape

Phase 2

Gain Internal Foothold

Phase 3

Move Laterally from the Inside

Phase 4

Data Exfiltration and Reporting

In Phase 1, we:

In Phase 2, we:

In Phase 3, we move laterally
within your network to:

In Phase 4, we:

Define your threat landscape and attack surface

Define and Agree on End Goals

Identify High-Value Target Employees

Define Attack Scenarios and Attack Trees

Initiate Different Attack Scenarios Based on the Attack Tree

Attempt to Gain Control of Target Employees’ Systems

Monitor Targeted Activities

Adapt and Change Course based on your Defense, Detection, and Response actions

Attempt Privilege Escalations

Monitor and Record Admin Activities

Monitor and Log your Detection and Response Activities

Improvise on New Attack Paths and Tactics

Set up Command and Control

Perform Data Exfiltration

Document our Observations and Findings into a Comprehensive Report

Phase 1

Identify your Threat Landscape

In Phase 1, we:

Define your threat landscape and attack surface

Define and Agree on End Goals

Identify High-Value Target Employees

Define Attack Scenarios and Attack Trees

Once the execution of your Red Teaming exercise is concluded, BreachLock delivers a comprehensive report that addresses every inch of your ecosystem to prepare you for an actionable security posture improvement plan. We will schedule a Q&A session between your team and our security experts to discuss our findings and how they can be leveraged to formulate an action plan.

How Red Teaming as a Service Works

Red Teaming as a Service gives you the full view that your adversaries have of security environment – including both known and unknown security vulnerabilities. Whereas pentesting is a single assessment to pen test one system, Red Teaming tests full-stack systems across an ecosystem - including people, processes, and technologies.

Learn more from our CEO featured on ISACA:

“Red Teaming is a powerful means of providing the CISO a fact-based assessment of an organization’s security ecosystem.”
- Seemant Sehgal, Founder and CEO of BreachLock
Red Teaming for Cybersecurity by Seemant Sehgal ISACA JOURNAL Volume 5 published in 2018

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RTaaS Use Case

With RTaaS from BreachLock, you can test multiple systems within your environment at once – and you’ll get a real-time hacker’s POV to help you remediate vulnerabilities discovered during the engagement.

Then – we'll help you and your DevOps and SOC teams rapidly remediate your top critical vulnerabilities, along with remediation guidance for long-term cyber resilience.

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