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BreachLock™ Cloud Platform

Game Changing Innovation In Security Testing

We emulate hacking like testing covering your cloud environments using both manual testing and AI-powered automated scanning techniques

SaaS based platform for all your security testing needs

BreachLock™ is a modern cloud security platform that covers your end-to-end security testing needs with a click. Our SaaS platform empowers you to scale your security testing efforts as your technology footprint grows. On-demand access to automated scanning and manual testing ensures you have a single pane view into your application and network security posture. Built by industry leaders, BreachLock™ enables you to find and fix your next Cyber Breach before it happens.


Scale your security testing along with your IT

Cloud environments are very dynamic and demand tremendous effort from your IT Team. With every new change that you push to your application, you open a potential gap in your security that may let a hacker in. However, by using BreachLock™ you can test each change with a click for both your applications and network.


Demonstrate security to business partners

It’s a common practice for business partners to send you Vendor Assessment forms before closing a deal. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning are the two most common requirements. We have exhaustive experience in this area therefore ensuring you can respond with complete confidence.


Compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA

Security testing requirements are embedded in the majority of regulatory and compliance standards. This enforces the need to execute Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning in a manner that is fully compliant with these standards. At BreachLock™ we continuously study these compliance standards and ensure that our platform integrates with your compliance needs.


Test your fixes with a click

After you have fixed the findings you can request a retest. The retest can involve both manual and automated checks. As and when additional support is required to understand the findings, you can always reach out to our security experts by creating a ticket linked to one or more findings.


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