Attack Surface Management (ASM)

BreachLock ASM for both internal and external attack surfaces identifies and prioritizes risk and exposures at their most critical attacker entry points on the basis of actual risk.

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The BreachLock ASM solution identifies and prioritizes risk and exposures and their most critical attacker entry points across both your internal and external attack surface. By doing so, ASM now creates a centralized starting point for both PTaaS and RTaaS based on knowing an organization’s actual risk before testing even begins.

By expanding our ASM capabilities alongside our PTaaS and RTaaS solutions, we significantly reduce the effort required to identify what assets to test and pinpoint where to start. This risk-based prioritization will accelerate the security testing process and improve outcomes.

Internal ASM

BreachLock ASM will scan your internal infrastructure to prioritize vulnerable assets and entry points that could lead to a potential incident, including Shadow IT. Our analysts will investigate the potential incident to determine whether it is a true positive containing sensitive information. We deliver AI-driven contextual insights around the vulnerabilities and evidence-based reports.

External ASM

The external attack surface encompasses various assets that can be exposed to potential cyber threats. BreachLock ASM will scan assets accessible from the public internet, including Shadow IT and Dark Web, to identify risk and exposure leading to potential security threats.

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BreachLock offers Attack Surface Management (ASM) capabilities across both your internal and external attack surface providing a starting point for security testing based on knowing your organization's actual risk.

We deliver a more advanced and nuanced approach to ASM providing deeper and more enriched contextual insights across your entire attack surface. Our Continuous Security Validation Platform and AI-powered, machine based technology can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time to identify complex patterns and anomalies within the most exploitable points of interest by an attacker to accelerate the effectiveness of your ASM outcomes.


Attack Surface

Asset Discovery

The BreachLock ASM solution scans your internal and external attack surfaces to identify and catalog all exposed assets and their most critical attacker entry points within your security ecosystem. These assets can be owned and operated internally by your organization, or through third parties, including cloud service providers, partners, supply chain vendors, or external contractors.

The BreachLock platform provides a real-time list of your exposed assets listed in our CSV Platform under Asset Discovery, including:

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    Internal and External:   Total number of exposed assets - known and unknown

  • list item dot

    External:   IP addresses, IP blocks, websites, subdomains

  • list item dot

    Locations of assets

  • list item dot


  • list item dot

    Shadow IT:   Assets, locations

  • list item dot

    Dark Web exposures

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Asset Inventory & Classification

Once all assets have been identified through the Asset Discovery phase, the BreachLock CSV Platform will categorize and classify assets based on risk criticality, sensitivity, and relevance to security and business operations. This asset inventory and classification creates a starting point for penetration testing services and red teaming activities based on actual risk.

Vulnerability Identification & Risk Assessment

At this phase, exposed assets and all possible attacker entry points have been identified, catalogued, and classified across you designated attack surface. The BreachLock CSV Platform will analyze potential attack vectors by assessing potential threats, attacker profiles, Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTPs), and possible impact of successful attacks.

Through our AI-powered, machine based technology, BreachLock will provide in-depth contextual insights by extracting raw JSON data for historical context and workflow management to provide remediation recommendations. This information is made available in our CSV Platform under Vulnerabilities and includes:

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    Asset vulnerabilities and associated logs
  • list item dot
    Vulnerability impacting which assets and location
  • list item dot
    CVSS score and vector classification
  • list item dot
    Proof of Concept (POC) of asset and vulnerability
  • list item dot
    AWS, Azure, and GCP instances and vulnerabilities
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Asset Prioritization & Risk Scoring

Prior to remediation, the BreachLock CSV Platform will prioritize vulnerabilities and risks based on their severity and potential impact on your enterprise's security and business operations in the likelihood of an exploitation.

BreachLock's Critical Scoring methodology calculates OSINT, CVSS, and known breach data into an associated risk score for each asset and associated vulnerabilities and assigns criticality to reveal the top priorities for remediation.

This information is made available in our CSV Platform under Data Breach providing a continuous view of your attack surface, and includes:

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    Prioritization of risks - known and unknown
  • list item dot
    Dark Web:   Compromised accounts, exposed usernames and passwords
  • list item dot
    Shadow IT and unknown assets
  • list item dot
    Data breach detection if already compromised
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Remediation & Reporting

Once assets and associated vulnerabilities and have been identified, inventoried, and prioritized, BreachLock will work with you on a remediation execution plan.

The BreachLock CSV Platform will provide real-time results of risk exposure where you will gain AI-driven insights and actionable intelligence to accelerate remediation. You will have a continuous view of your attack surface to efficiently mitigate vulnerabilities and harden your security defenses through our CSV Platform with access to:

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    Asset and vulnerability prioritization at highest risk
  • list item dot
    Detailed information to assess best remediation execution
  • list item dot
    Interactive support with BreachLock experts
  • list item dot
    Ability to extract actionable data into reports for DevSecOps teams
  • list item dot
    Access to platform and reporting during contracted time
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BreachLock provides a wide array of managed services to enhance the effectiveness of your customer experience and help you reach your security goals. Please check out our subscription packages to see how we can best serve your needs.

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