Pen Testing as a Service that Meets Compliance and Reduces Risk

Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) from BreachLock combines the power of certified in-house hackers and AI to help you meet compliance goals and remediate vulnerabilities faster than ever before.

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Rapidly Remediate Critical Risks with Pen Testing as a Service

Traditional Penetration Testing is too outdated for modern digital environments. It can take weeks to start, months to complete, and leaves you in the dark during remediation, delaying you on the road to meeting compliance and mitigating critical security risks.

BreachLock delivers fast and accurate penetration testing services through our easy-to-use cloud platform with guided remediation integrated into the lifecycle of every pen testing exercise. Maximize your compliance and security outcomes using the secure client portal to streamline remediation for DevOps, get help fast with expert customer support, and retest your entire test environment before the final report is delivered with unlimited one-click retests on all automated findings.

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Launch your Pen Test within 24 hours and receive evidence-backed results within 7-10 business days. Power through remediation 50% faster with 1:1 expert support, prioritization capabilities, and clear recommendations. Launch unlimited automated retests with the click of a button.

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Say goodbye to false positives holding you back from finding the real vulnerabilities in your system. With BreachLock’s CREST, OSCP, OSCE, GSNA, CEH, & CISSP certified security experts, you'll receive a comprehensive pentest report with automated findings validated by our in-house experts, discovered vulnerabilities, and remediation guidance.

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Reduced TCO

Our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) methodology is 50% more cost-effective than traditional Penetration Testing. Our clients are experience a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from our hybrid model that saves them both time and money without compromising on comprehensiveness.

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Secure your entire attack surface across your digital ecosystem with BreachLock’s Penetration Testing as a Service with full stack pen testing for internal and external environments, applications, and systems. See the adversary’s perspective, gain visibility into your security posture, and accelerate remediation within a single pane of glass using BreachLock’s secure Client Portal. Eliminate silos and accelerate remediation with 1-1 expert support for DevOps remediation and automated workflow integrations to enable teams with Jira, Slack, and Trello.

What is Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)?

Penetration Testing as a Service is a modern approach to Penetration Testing that utilizes a combination of manual Human-Led Pentesting, AI, and Automation to leverage the skill, creativity, and expertise of human hackers in a way that is fast and scalable enough for today’s digital landscape.

Learn more from our CEO featured on Forbes:

“PTaaS helps illuminate the path toward wider adoption of effective defenses at a time of mounting risk.”
- Seemant Sehgal, Founder and CEO of BreachLock
Pen Testing As A Service (PTaaS): What It Is And What It Should Do,

Our Simple 4-Step Process


Within 90 Days from Getting Results


TBD by You


Results in 5-10 Days


within 24 hours

Within 90 Days from receiving your initial Penetration Testing Report

  • When finished remediating, schedule your manual re-test directly from BreachLock’s portal
  • Receive Updated Penetration Testing Report
  • Receive Security Certificate & Badges
  • Scan again using Automated Scanning included at no cost for 12 months

Remediation Guidance Integration

  • Prioritize remediation easily with severity sorting and filtering
  • Follow detailed, evidence-based recommendations to remediate each vulnerability
  • Track your progress by launching unlimited automated re-tests with one click on fully automated findings
  • 1:1 support from Security Experts directly from portal

Initial Results in 5-10 business days

  • Hybrid Manual, AI, & Automated Testing Initiated
  • Automated findings validated by experts
  • Manual Deep-Dive Penetration Testing by Human Testers with Customized Business Logic Applied
  • Results Consolidated into BreachLock Platform & Multi-Format Reports with Evidence & Recommendations within 5-10 business days

Within 24 hours

  • Receive Onboarding Instructions
  • Access BreachLock SaaS Portal
  • Finalize Penetration Testing timeline, testing window, & special requirements

Unlock Real-Time Visibility from your BreachLock Client Portal

Seeing the adversary’s perspective is clear with BreachLock’s Client Portal hosted securely in the cloud. With pen testing as a service from BreachLock, you get the ultimate in penetration testing controls available 24/7.

  • Start a new pen test in one business day
  • See initial findings for rapid remediation
  • Get help from customer service experts
  • Export your audit-ready report with an easy, one-click button
  • Launch unlimited automated re-tests for 12 months
  • Access a ‘kill switch’ to stop an active pen test if needed, and more.

These features are Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) ready and optimized for full-stack pen testing to improve your visibility, compliance readiness, and security outcomes.

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Clear, Evidence-Backed Findings without False Positives

BreachLock removes the guesswork from your remediation process with screenshots taken right from your environment. Our hybrid pentesting model combines human expertise, artificial intelligence, and automation technology to maximize the efficacy and efficiency of each pen testing engagement. Pentesting reports are authored and reviewed by certified experts with a deep bench of security experience using established processes. Pentesting reports are validated by humans, free of false positives, and include 100% verifiable artifacts. If you still have questions, you can get 1:1 support from a dedicated security expert with any vulnerability by raising a ticket directly within your secure BreachLock Client Portal.

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100% In-House Hackers Conduct Your Pentest as a Service

BreachLock does not use crowdsourcing or bug bounty programs, as our proprietary methods are standardized for quality, consistency, and your risk tolerance. Our elite team of in-house ethical hackers have been carefully vetted and are held to the industry’s most rigorous certification standards. Because automation can also increase risks, your pentest as a service with BreachLock is 100% backed by attestable evidence, with each artifact reviewed by experienced security professionals to reduce false positives.

Understanding the risks associated with the external freelancers, BreachLock's team of hackers are focused on one job: BreachLock’s customers. Rather than introducing unnecessary risks to our clients’ environments with contractors, our in-house team understands customer context and delivers clear communication. Our process focuses on hiring the industry’s best hackers and empowering them with the cutting-edge tools they need to deliver a quality, comprehensive pentest as a service.

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Accelerate Results with a Comprehensive Penetration Test Service

BreachLock’s penetration testing service provides a number of benefits, including: human-validated findings with DevOps remediation guidance, customer support, cloud-secure client portal with retesting capabilities, third-party security certification, and audit-ready reports.

Application Security Pen Testing

Test your application security with in-house security researchers using manual techniques and AI-driven automation. Discover and remediate AppSec vulnerabilities.


Network Pen Testing

Test your network security and compliance readiness with advanced external network penetration testing and internal network pen testing.


Web App Pen Testing

Our in-house pen testers simulate a web app attack with expert adversarial techniques, AI technology, and the OWASP framework to expose web application vulnerabilities.


Cloud Pen Testing

Meet your cloud pen testing goals across your cloud and multi-cloud environments. Secure your full stack with BreachLock’s cloud-native pen testing platform.


Phishing and Social Engineering Simulations

Work with offensive security experts to educate your users and their test security awareness of your personnels proactively. Manage risks associated with insider threats and phishing attacks.


Vendor Assessment

Demonstrate your business meets third party security standards with a vendor assessment certified by a trusted third party penetration testing company.


Integrate DevOps Remediation with 1-1 Expert Customer Support

Penetration Testing as a Service gives you total access to customized and tailored support inside the BreachLock Client Portal. Every pen test engagement with BreachLock comes with an assigned customer success professional who stays with you every step of the way — from onboarding until the very end of your engagement. With remediation guidance integrated for DevOps throughout the lifecycle of each pen test, your entire team can help you optimize your pentesting experience. BreachLock’s dedicated customer service experts can help your SOC and DevOps teams with additional context and mitigation support to maximize your pentesting outcomes and complete critical mitigations. Our team of experts are ready to help guide you through all BreachLock’s remediation guidance before your final report is delivered.

Empower Your Team with Modern Workflow Integrations

Setting up team workflows is paramount to remediating security risks fast. Your team’s workflow integrations are the keys to accelerating the security validation and compliance-ready results you need for your final reports. Triaging remediation actions with DevOps is seamless using BreachLock’s API integrations for ticketing and communication in Jira, Trello, and Slack. With customized and tailored guidance throughout the lifecycle of each pen test, BreachLock’s customer service experts can help Security Leaders work with DevOps on prioritizing critical remediations and ticketing triage by accessing expert 1-1 support inside the BreachLock Client Portal.

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Start Pen Testing as a Service with BreachLock

There is a better way to test your systems, networks, and applications and save time, effort, and budget with Penetration Testing as a Service with BreachLock. Fast, reliable, and affordable, our innovative suite of pen testing services will help you meet complete compliance and security requirements with audit-ready reports delivered in half the time at half the cost of traditional pentesting – with one trusted vendor providing the in-house certified talent you need for maximized quality assurance. Ready to find and fix your next cyber breach before it happens? Our experts are ready when you are.

Penetration Testing for Compliance Made Easy

BreachLock can help you fulfill all your compliance requirements as your trusted PTaaS provider. Our entire suite of penetration testing services is full-stack and ready for you to pentest across your entire digital ecosystem – including the people, processes, and technologies in your environment that pose risks and require compliance.

BreachLock’s certified team of ethical hackers test more than internet-facing infrastructure and applications. Our expert hackers can test your full stack for a complete Pen Testing as a Service solution: Internal and External Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Pen Testing, Application Security Penetration Testing, Cloud Penetration Testing, IoT Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Phishing Testing, DevOps Penetration Testing, Vendor Assessment for Third Party Security.

Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) from BreachLock gives you the comprehensive compliance advantage you need with full-stack penetration testing to help you meet your goals - while giving you budget back and reducing your overall TCO. Achieve compliance-readiness for PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more, with PTaaS.

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Download our 21st Century Penetration Testing Guide

Learn how Penetration Testing has evolved over the last decade into today’s modern approach that can accelerate and scale your Penetration Testing program.