BreachLock Recognized in Reuters for Cyber Security Testing

BreachLock was featured as a leader in cybersecurity testing among Reuters’ 50 Leaders of Change, closing out 2022 on a high note. As a global leader in Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS), earning this recognition is a testimony to the positive impact that BreachLock continues to make on the cybersecurity community, which is reflected in Reuters’ article about the recognition.

50 Leaders of Change is a series of interviews and video documentaries featuring visionary executives, board members, and entrepreneurs making a difference. Members of BreachLock’s leadership team were interviewed to highlight the innovations and research contributions that the company has made in the pen testing space and plans to continue making in the future.

Read the press release here.

Rising Cybercrime Statistics Demand Better Pen Testing Solutions

As mentioned in the article, it’s almost impossible to turn on the television or read the newspaper in the current age of digitalization without hearing of a new cyber-attack launched on a financial institution, government agency, healthcare provider, or any other entity with that creates, stores, or transfers high-value data. With the world losing an estimated $600 trillion per year as a result of cybercrime incidents, it’s important that cybersecurity leaders shift their focus to leveraging innovative solutions to aid organizations in staying several steps ahead of cyber adversaries intending to wreak havoc on their systems for financial gain. As mentioned, it’s time to adopt and implement an offensive approach to cybersecurity – because the ample investments in cyber defenses alone are not yielding the necessary results to stay resilient against cyber-attacks. Penetration testing is an important piece of that puzzle.

BreachLock’s human-led, AI-enabled innovations in the space are helping organizations pentest more for less. Offering full-stack, enterprise-grade penetration testing services that accelerate pen testing by 50% at a significantly more economical price point than traditional providers is fulfilling a dire need in the market – especially for enterprises that require ample scalability and small and medium organizations aiming to maintain compliance with a conservative budget. Traditionally, penetration testing has been done 100% manually with a consultancy-based approach, but this approach is expensive, slow, and unfit for the modern threat landscape. Modern business problems, like the cliché suggests, require modern solutions, which is why BreachLock leverages a hybrid pentesting model and delivers results on a cloud-native, secure SaaS platform.

BreachLock’s client portal gives customers the ability to schedule a comprehensive penetration test with just a few clicks that can begin in as little as 24 hours. The AI and machine learning being leveraged on the back end makes the solution extremely agile and allows the 100% in-house, certified human hackers to spend their time doing manual deep dives on customers’ systems with an optimal level of business context in place that is otherwise unachievable with technology alone.

Leveraging an Offensive Approach to Cybersecurity

Revisiting the need for security leaders to adopt an offensive approach to cybersecurity as opposed to a defensive approach, the article mentioned that BreachLock’s penetration testing services could play a huge role in this movement as offensive security practices continue to improve. With a vision to perfect and deliver a cognitive automation-driven pen testing solution, which is already well in the making, BreachLock is also helping overcome the cybersecurity talent gap, aiming not to replace human professionals, but to scale the skill and creativity of those who already exist. Adding to this concept, Seemant Sehgal, Founder & CEO of BreachLock, adds, “There’s a huge shortage of cybersecurity talent despite a lot of investments being made in cybersecurity, but breaches still continue to happen. This proves that we need to change the way we view this problem.”

Sharing Important Pen Testing Insights with the Community

Another contribution to the cybersecurity community as a whole that landed BreachLock a spot among Reuters’ 50 Leaders of change is the publication of our Annual Penetration Testing Intelligence Report, which offers valuable data and insights from over 8,000 pen tests we’ve conducted to help CISOs and other security leaders benchmark their organizations’ security postures against others. Commenting on the release of the intelligence report, Sehgal says, “There is great importance in sharing knowledge with the cybersecurity community as a whole.”

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