Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in London, UK and US

BreachLock was featured in a Tech Round article, “Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in London, UK and US.


In the article, Tech Round opened by identifying cybercrime as one of the world’s biggest threats based on statistics from Verizon’s Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, specifically the 100% increase in web application breaches in 2020, 80% of which were caused by stolen credentials. Tech Round suggested that organizations should have regular testing done to understand the weaknesses of their networks and software and identify loopholes in their systems.


Tech Round emphasized the importance of penetration testing pentesting when it comes to safeguarding important data from hackers. Penetration testing is defined as a type of security testing in which highly skilled human ethical hackers identify and exploit a digital environment’s vulnerabilities in a controlled setting. Web Applications, Networks, APIs, Mobile Apps, and any other type of digital asset can be pentested.


In the article, Tech Round identified their Top 10 penetration testing companies in the UK and USA, featuring BreachLock as the number one spot on their list. In their introduction to their evaluation of BreachLock, it states,“BreachLock is UK’s leading Penetration as a Service (PTaaS). BreachLock delivers the most comprehensive Penetration Testing solution powered by OSCP/CREST Certified Pen Testers and AI – solving the problems of scalability and cost within an agile, DevOps-ready SaaS platform. BreachLock is also the world’s only human and AI hybrid solution that gives you full stack coverage across your Application, Networks, and Cloud workloads. BreachLock is also an ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified vendor. BreachLock serves over 600+ clients across Computer Software, Healthcare, and Financial Services sectors.”


BreachLock’s Pentesting Services Highlighted by Tech Round:

  1. Fast, Easy, and Scalable Pen Testing by Certified Security Experts
  2. A Simple, SaaS-based 4-step process of Onboarding, Execution, Remediation, and Retesting that Doesn’t Require Internal Security Expertise
  3. Technology-Driven and Cost-Effective Alternative to Expensive and Consultant-Driven Boutique Pen Testing Offerings
  4. Single-Pane View in Pentesting Client Portal for Web Application, Mobile Application, External and Internal Network Pen Test Data
  5. Accelerated Remediation with Seamless Integration with DevOps Pipeline ( JIRA, Slack, Jenkins, Trello, etc.)
  6. Ability to Interact with Security Experts to Discuss Specific Security Gaps and Remediation Advice
  7. Platform Intelligence Provides Real-Time Visibility Across Application, Network, and Cloud Security Posture
  8. Continuous Oversight with Annual Subscription Model that Includes Complementary Automated Scans After Each Pen Test

Another reason for BreachLock being in the number one spot of the Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies list is the recognition that BreachLock received in just a short amount of time. A couple of examples Tech Round mentioned were the level of expertise of our security professionals (e.g., CREST, CEH, OSCP, SANS), being featured in the Hot 150 list in cybercrime magazine in 2021, and having a 4.9/5-star rating on Gartner Peer Insights.

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You Deserve to Work with the Best Pentesting Provider
BreachLock has earned the number one spot on Tech Round’s Top 10 Pentesting Companies list by maintaining a strong customer focus and investing in the pioneering and execution of modern pentesting solutions fit for today’s growing threat landscape. Our unique human-led, AI-enabled approach to pentesting accelerates the pentesting and remediation process for our clients by 50% and saves them around 50% on TCO. Organizations like yours are meeting their pentesting requirements for compliance and certifications (e.g., ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR. PCI DSS, HIPAA), passing vendor assessments to win game-changing clients, and rapidly improving their overall security posture thanks to detailed, pre-prioritized, actionable results and 1-1 support delivered through our award-winning client portal. Let us show you how simple reaching your security goals can be when you work with a pentesting partner that puts your needs above all – contact BreachLock today!

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