Integrate Trello with BreachLock SaaS platform

Setting up your integration with Trello

With this integration, you can easily integrate BreachLock into your workflow by using a Trello board. We will push the vulnerabilities into your to-do list as individual cards. The active synchronization provides you with live updates of the vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.
You can follow the following steps to integrate Trello with BreachLock SaaS platform:

1) Navigate to Integrations:

Login to your BreachLock SaaS platform and navigate to Integrations.

Click on the “Trello” icon to configure the integration.
Click on the “Trello” icon to configure the integration.

2) Log in to Trello:

3) Click “Allow” to provide the permission to BreachLock Assistant to access your organization’s Trello board:

4) Select the desired board from the drop-down:

This is where the vulnerabilities will be pushed as Trello cards.
That is all! With this you have successfully configured your Trello account with the BreachLock SaaS platform.
Whenever a vulnerability is discovered for your assets, it will automatically be pushed to your desired Trello board as a card and seamlessly become a part of your security to-do list.

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