BreachLock was founded in the cloud by industry experts who have been at the forefront of redefining Cybersecurity resilience testing for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Our world class Penetration Testing as a Service platform has won many awards and industry recognitions for our innovative approach.

BreachLock Certifications


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Certified Consultant Led Penetration testing

Each vulnerability that you see in your reports is validated by our certified team.

Industry Best Practices and Certifications

BreachLock complies with globally recognized best practices and certifications.

Recommendations from our clients

BreachLock Benefits


Single pane view on security testing data


Manual tests followed up with continuous scanning


Coverage for both network and application security


Easy to consume SaaS based engagement model


Perfect fit for client requests or 3rd party Pen Testing

BreachLock Expertise

We are a Market Leader in Cloud Penetration Testing as a Service

BreachLock Platform Capabilities

We deliver three capabilities using our unique SaaS based solution.


Whether you need to demonstrate compliance for an enterprise client or ensure the safety of either external or internal networks, BreachLock thoroughly scans for more than 1000 different vulnerabilities.

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WEB SCANNING (DAST)is offered as a SaaS solution based on OWASP Top 10 and WASC Detection that allows you to request tests with one click and includes unlimited access to our experienced and certified security researchers. The combination of man and machine ensures there is a guaranteed accuracy with validated and actionable findings.

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Our penetration testing service covers web applications, networks, cloud, IoT devices, and mobile applications. After the test is conducted, our SaaS platform fulfills your support needs and retest requests. So far, our team has reported more than 100 CVEs and completed 8000+ penetration tests.

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Awards & Accomplishments

The BreachLock Platform is used by customers across a wide variety of industries. These awards recognize our team’s part in helping companies find and fix cyber breaches before they happen.

We have used BreachLock for the past several years and have always been pleased with their services, insights and our overall results. Our enterprise customers expect to receive and review regular independent penetration tests/audits detailing the integrity of our solutions and stack and the deliverables from BreachLock have met these expectations every time.

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The contribution of human hackers in BreachLock’s algorithm cannot be overstated. Their expertise contributes to faster and more comprehensive automated scans and tests that, in turn, keep organiza- tions a step ahead of hackers from the other side. The mixture of artificial intelligence, the cloud and human hacking allows BreachLock to move beyond traditional vulnerability management ap- proaches.

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BreachLock offers in-depth manual penetration testing and provides you with both offline and online reports.They retest your fixes and certify you for executing a Penetration Test. This is followed up with monthly automated scanning delivered via our platform. Throughout this process, you have access to our SaaS and our security experts for any support needed to find, fix, and prevent your next cyber breach.

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The company enables the clients to request and consume a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks. It has a unique approach that aligns the industry’s best practices that utilise manual as well as automated vulnerability discovery methods

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Staying true to its name, BreachLock enables the clients to request and consume a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks. It has a unique approach that aligns the industry’s best practices that utilize manual as well as automated vulnerability discovery methods.

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BreachLock  leverages the tremendous data intelligence we have access to and offer this as a benefit to our clients in the form of accurate and fast vulnerability discovery. All results generated by AI-powered scans are validated by our security researchers to ensure no false positives get through. BreachLock’s unique SaaS-based platform combines the benefits of human augmented and AI-powered automated scanning technologies to help clients find and fix a cyber breach before it happens.

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Traditional Pen Testing vs BreachLock Pen Testing as a Service

Traditional boutique pen testing firms are no match for BreachLock. We offer a complete and comprehensive solution that is easy to use and comes with a transparent pricing model.