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Firewall penetration testing explained

Firewalls form the first line of defense in your organization’s IT infrastructure. As a result, the attackers are most likely to scan and exploit existing vulnerabilities. A firewall can be either software or hardware. It continuously inspects your organization’s incoming and outgoing traffic. Generally, firewalls have predetermined rules and policies to either grant or deny … Continued

Security Testing for Web Applications – Best Practices

Security has now become a major concern for decision-makers. With an ever-increasing number of attacks and their complexity, it is only reasonable that the decision-makers invest in improving the security of their organization’s technical infrastructure. With web applications playing a pivotal role for many businesses to market their products, conduct business operations, sell products and … Continued

Penetration Testing in the times of APIs and Microservices

In ever-evolving cyberspace, the sources of threats cannot be limited to a certain extent. Most of the security incidents we see these days are data breaches or denial of service attacks. And when it comes to taking appropriate steps, a wide array of actions needs to be taken in order to achieve the maximum level of … Continued

DAST: Things You Should Know

The relationship between security testing and applications is a never-ending story. Even after an application is deployed, security testing activities are continuously carried out. Since absolute security is a myth, one can always strive to achieve the maximum level of security possible. Dynamic Application Security Testing, or DAST, helps a business by addressing the areas which … Continued