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Top 3 Red Teaming Frameworks (TIBER,AASE,CBEST)

Red team exercises focus on checking your internal team’s ability to respond as well as the resiliency of your IT systems against real-life cyber attacks. Though such exercises are simulated, they closely resemble how an actual cyber attack would look like. In the last article, we explained in detail about red team exercises and how … Continued

How to test your incident response using red teaming

Security experts across the globe often emphasize that absolute security is a myth. Organizations must not fall into the oblivion that since they have implemented all possible security measures, they cannot be attacked. Considering the ever-evolving threat landscape, this state of oblivion can do more harm than good. Maintaining the security of IT infrastructure is … Continued

Top 5 Open Source OSINT Tools

This article addresses various OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools. A critical first step is gathering information about an appropriate target within the scope of the project. This enables a Pen Tester to find possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a company’s security system that may be exploitable. What is Open Source Intelligence? OSINT stands for Open … Continued