2022, Annual Penetration Testing Intelligence Report. Read Now

What is Open -source Intelligence, and how is it used?

Threat intelligence has received much attention from security teams in the last few years. In their fight against threat actors, security teams require all possible tools and mechanisms in their arsenal. Threat intelligence (TI) analyzes data from one or more threat intelligence feeds. These feeds contain a continuous stream of data related to current security … Continued

Top Cybersecurity Statistics for 2022

Threats and attack vectors in cyberspace have continued to evolve and become more sophisticated than ever. If you look at cybersecurity statistics in the last couple of decades, you will find that the number of cyber-attacks has increased, and so is the extent of their damage. For instance, IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report … Continued

What is Penetration Testing?

Pen testing exercises help organizations gain greater insight into their current security posture. Often, pen testing is done by a team of highly trained and certified professionals. Pen testing is often informally referred to as ethical hacking. Expert pen testers hired by organizations will use several non-intrusive and non-disruptive techniques to break into systems to … Continued

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Scenario 1: An organization develops an application and immediately deploys it without any testing. Same is true for the rest of its technical infrastructure – they are not worried about vulnerabilities or loopholes in their systems. Instead, they believe in waiting for an attack to happen so that they only spend time on resolving the issues … Continued

Penetration Testing for SaaS Companies

If you are running a SaaS company, your requirements change continuously due to a variety of factors. These factors include the agile development process at the core, responding to customer-specific queries, and adapting to regulations. For a SaaS company to succeed, customer trust is the biggest factor driving the sales. Unlike other types of services … Continued

Penetration Testing as a Service

Penetration testing has become an integral part of an organization’s security strategy in the last few years. It assists an organization in discovering existing vulnerabilities, loopholes, and weaknesses in the existing infrastructure. It is always recommended that penetration tests should be conducted at regular intervals to minimize the chances of a security incident. Considering the … Continued