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Partner program by BreachLock Inc.

BreachLock Partner Program offers our partners the opportunity to grow their business, add value for their clients, and utilize their expertise with the BreachLock SaaS Platform.

BreachLock works closely with industry-leading technology resellers, distributors, service providers, and integrators to develop partnerships that can create new revenue opportunities.

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We are a Partner-Friendly company and always look forward to work on new sales opportunities with our Partners. Please register your deal by completing the Deal Registration form. A member of our team will contact you within (2) business days to review the sales opportunity with you. Deal registrations must be approved by BreachLock Inc. and should be closed within 100 days from the date of registration. Please complete the information below, and a member of our team will contact you.

Our 8 Step Partner Registration Process

  • You register your deal with us using the web form on this page.

  • Provide us your contact details, Client details and brief about your requirement.

  • Our account manager will contact you to discuss if we are a good match.

  • BreachLock Inc approves deal registration.

  • We sign a referral agreement valid for one year.

  • We onboard the client, deliver the project, and invoice the client.

  • You get the referral fees per our agreement within 14 business days.

  • Register more deals and build a continuous cash flow.

We partner on opportunities for the below listed offerings.

Any service delivered by BreachLock Inc. can be oferred as a part of our partner program

  • Penetration Testing for External and Internal Networks

  • Penetration Testing for Web Applications

  • Penetration Testing for Mobile Applications

  • Penetration Testing for IoT

  • DAST scanning for Web Applications

  • Vulnerability scanning for Networks

  • Phishing Exposure Assessments and RED Teaming

What support can you get from BreachLock for your marketing team?

We understand that you may need to promote BreachLock services to nourish leads and qualify them. As a partner, you are free to market any of our website content and repost it on your social handles. This includes service pages, blog posts, or infographics. You are also allowed to add your branding to this content as long as the original content from BreachLock Inc. is not modified. Every marketing material should have BreachLock Inc. logo and website mentioned on it. Besides this, you can get BreachLock user guides and training videos from us. These can not be reproduced or modified and should be marketed in its original form.

What security knowledge and skills should a partner have?

As a partner, you need a sales team that can get a qualified deal. You can register the qualified deal on this page. Your involvement is not required from a technical, operational, or after-sales support perspective. BreachLock team will manage the end to end delivery and support process. You will be able to monitor the progress on the project via our SaaS portal. Partners and your clients are granted access to our SaaS platform once the project is on-boarded. Our account manager will explain to you the whole process after your registration is completed.

Quick video on BreachLock Value Proposition

We emulate hacking like testing covering your cloud environments using both manual testing and AI-powered automated scanning techniques

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Detailed explanation for BreachLock SaaS capabilities. These videos explain how BreachLock platform works using short 60 seconds video per topic.