Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Breachlock™ has extensive experience in working with AWS, Azure, GCP, and other cloud service providers. Any startup or enterprise that leverages public cloud services can benefit from our penetration testing and vulnerability scanning offerings.

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BreachLock™ Cloud Penetration Testing benefits

Request security testing with a click

Forget old school ways of engaging experts and reading manuals to configure scanners. BreachLock™ is a SaaS based security testing platform built for the cloud. You are able to request new tests and request retests using a simple web-based interface.

Cloud based and easy to use

You can access the BreachLock™ platform using any browser. Your access is protected via two factor authentication. No software or hardware is required. You can have multiple users within your organization to help collaborate and fix the findings.

Leverage whitehat hacker knowledge

The BreachLock™ platform gives you the ability to interact directly with our security experts and support staff. No more lengthy emails and phone calls. Just click on a create ticket button next to each finding thats listed in your secured login area within the SaaS and ask your question.

Fast, scalable and effective

With the BreachLock™ platform you can order quarterly manual penetration tests or an on-demand manual penetration test if and when required. You get added value because we augment the manual tests our AI powered monthly scans by sending email alerts whenever a new vulnerability is discovered.

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AWS, Azure and GCP Penetration Testing

AWS, Azure, Rackspace, and GCP are the three main platforms that the majority of our clients use. Our SaaS platform is hosted on AWS. We are fully equipped to support you with any of the well-known public cloud platforms. We have specifically designed procedures that are applied based on your architecture. As a deeply experienced first-generation cloud company, we understand your situation and speak your language.

Comprehensive and deep penetration testing

Our manual penetration testing and automated vulnerability scanning capabilities are built with the cloud in mind. From our cloud platform, we deliver vulnerability management offerings suitable for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (Saas). The BreachLock™ penetration testing team is experienced in testing all types of cloud environments.

Fast and reliable Security Testing

Increase the frequency of your tests and extend their coverage by using the BreachLock™ platform. New vulnerabilities emerge every day and yearly penetration tests are not enough. BreachLock™ helps you identify and fix the latest security issues, keeping your web application safe using a combination manual penetration tests and ongoing automated scans.

Executive and detailed technical reports

We provide an exhaustive set of reports suitable for various use cases that you need to meet. You receive an executive report that summarizes the latest security posture of your application along with a technical report that explains the findings and risks. The latter is useful for developers to understand and fix the findings.