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28 Aug, 2019

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in AWS for SOC 2 Compliance

Many organizations have now started considering security as an essential factor while choosing a vendor. This shift has led to a surge in service..

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25 Apr, 2019

Penetration Testing for the Cloud – How it is different?

If you are working in the cyber security industry, you will be familiar with terms like application penetration testing, network..

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04 Apr, 2019

Penetration Testing of an AWS-based Application – What You Need to Know

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, offers 90 types of cloud hosting services such as computation and storage, security management, physical..

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14 Feb, 2019

10 Step Guide for Making your AWS Application PCI-DSS Compliant

As per the information available on Amazon Web Service (AWS) website, AWS is a certified PCI-DSS 3.2 Level 1 service..

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04 Feb, 2019

Dummies guide to AWS Penetration Testing

Last year, there have been many AWS breaches exposing various types of vulnerabilities including leaking S3 buckets, compromised AWS environments..

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